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Kitchen Types

You might be starved for options while choosing the design of modular kitchen you so eagerly wish to get installed within your home. There are a plenty of layouts to choose from, and you can allow yourself to fill in those tiny little details at leisure. After all, are not kitchens supposed to be the place around which the fulcrum of our daily activities rages on? Now, you can select from an array of designs and colors to suit your specific requirements, and we will make sure that you retain that happy smile on your face while looking at our handiwork, tailor-made for you.

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E Shape Kitchen

As the name itself suggests, an E-shaped kitchen allows you a two-arrayed pattern, thereby optimizing the usage of space. The E-shaped design, which was hailed as a Read more

F Shape Kitchen

The F-shaped modular kitchen are tailor-made for those who like to spend a majority of their time in their kitchen. To begin with, this kind of kitchen has two neatly arranged Read more

Island Kitchen

An Island kitchen type exudes an air of tranquility as space within its confines is frequently interlaced with perhaps the most intricate of designs. Read more

L Shape Kitchen

L-shaped kitchens are one of the most common kitchen types, with two clear sections placed at clear right angles to each other. Read more

Line Kitchen

For those Patna homes which suffer from an acute constraint of space within their households, a Line kitchen type Read more

Parallel Kitchen

A Parallel kitchen type is a one stop solution for your all kitchen-related problems, for it is the most conventional type of modular kitchen that there is. Read more

Peninsula Kitchen

A Peninsula kitchen type is one of the more trickier types, and is rather unconventional in its design. Read more

T Shape Kitchen

The biggest advantage of a T-shaped kitchen design is that it can be molded into any other form, which allows considerable room for creativity. Read more

U Shape Kitchen

Worried about the possibility of your kitchen not being able to fit in the constricted space that you have earmarked for it? Read more

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